Job Training Day Program

The Ability Specialists Community Based Day Program teaches the skills that help participants transition into a work environment. We volunteer at locations all over the Denver Metro area working in small groups to complete a variety of tasks. By partnering with organizations like Arc Thrift Stores, Ronald McDonald House and Habitat for Humanity, we make valuable contributions to the community while integrating participants into a collaborative, structured working environment. We encourage our participants to grow socially and emotionally while working together as a team to achieve a common goal as well as our personal goals.

Paid Work Crew

The Ability Specialists Work Crew supports participants who want to work in the community, but struggle with the decision-making and social skills required for employment. Our work crews are integrated at the University of Colorado Hospital as well as Arc Thrift stores. This is not an enclave, where our clients are separated from the rest of the staff. Our clients work individually and in groups right alongside hospital employees. The program educates participants through mentoring, real life experience, goal setting, and the development of specialized behavior modification plans.

Evening Social Club

The Ability Specialists Evening Social Club teaches social skills and provides a sense of community through scheduled supervised activities. We encourage participants to engage in positive, supportive relationship building to combat the social isolation faced by so many adults with cognitive disabilities. The program focuses on relationship development, as well as social and emotional growth. We help provide the necessary repetition to help our participants improve their self-confidence and participate more fully in community life. It also integrates our clients into the community where they live so they feel more connected.

Supported Employment

Job Coaching services are available once an individual has obtained employment. We provide job skills training, tailored job assessments, job site orientation and monitoring of the individual at the job site. By collaborating with a network of businesses and the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, we help our participants maintain employment stability.

Ongoing Employment Support services help employees and employers work together to form productive, long-term relationships. We consult with employers to help them better understand the needs of adults with disabilities. If on-the-job issues arise, we provide immediate responses to help resolve conflicts quickly. Most importantly, we don’t make excuses; we find creative solutions to maximize the productivity of everyone involved.

Work Out 

Ability Specialists work out group focuses on basic physical fitness as well as nutrition. It provides a safe and fun atmosphere for individuals who are looking to maintain their physical health. Individuals work out in a community facility helping them to gain confidence and feel accepted by others. We focus on goal setting as well social interactions all while having fun.