The Most Important Skill People Are Losing

People are kinder to those they view as human beings.

The problem is the rising self-centered culture that’s blinding us — people are caring less about the feelings and predicaments of others.

Vanity, selfishness, and the focus on personal success are threatening our most valuable skill. Empathy, that is, requires you to step out of yourself.

Empathy is humanity’s bond — it’s the social glue.

We are internally compelled to see each other as fellow humans. Empathy is more than walking in someone else’s shoes; it’s the ability to see and connect with others because they are human.

Empathy is seeing humankind as our extended family.

The social glue is not sticking

“To perceive is to suffer.” ― Aristotle

Self-reported empathy in America has declined dramatically in the past three decades.

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