Dear Ability Specialists Friends and Family,

Recently some of you have reached out to us about Coronavirus. Like you, our team is thinking about how to keep all our participants, families, and staff safe. While the risk of infection is currently low in Colorado, there have been several identified cases, so we want to be sure to share with you the policies and procedures we’re putting in place.

Daily Precautions

We will…

  • ask our participants to wash their hands at each transition during the day, especially when they are entering and leaving worksites.
  • ask all participants and staff to refrain from touching their own faces, shaking hands, or making other types of physical contact.
  • double our stock of hand sanitizer and wipes in the office and in our vans.
  • sanitize our vans, the main training room, and all doors every day.
  • look for the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus within our teams, which include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Ongoing Precautions

We will…

  • ask any staff or participants who is sick to stay home. If any staff or participant has the symptoms of Coronavirus, they will need to be tested for the virus before they can return.

Community Precautions

We will…

  • maintain open communications with our worksites about the virus and coordinate with them regarding potential cancellations.
  • not send any staff or participants to a worksite should we find that there are risks related to the virus.

Contamination Precautions

We will…

  • notify all participants, families, and the proper authorities should any of our worksites, staff, participants, and/or participant families/providers be exposed to the virus.
  • notify all participants, families, and the proper authorities about program and site cancellations should someone be exposed to the virus.
  • follow precautions and protocols given to us by the proper authorities should there be a general outbreak in Colorado and/or potential exposure through one of our staff, participants, participant families/providers, and/or community partners.

What You Can Do

  • ask your family member/participant to wash their hands and limit physical contact with others.
  • communicate with us immediately when a participant or a participant family member/provider becomes ill.
  • keep your participant home should family member/provider and/or participant get ill.

We want to reiterate that while the risk of infection is low, we can and will lower these risks even more by following our policies and procedures written above. We appreciate all the help we get from you to do the same.

For more information, please reference the CDC website:

Or, the Colorado Department of Health Website: